Papier-mache Sculpture

Papier Mache sculptures and masks by Karen

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Terra - A goddess mask for our local theatre group "The Conjurors of Haliburton County"
(Her hair is made from spun flax. Very organic! )

Frog mask, (below) is now a Toad mask (above). 

 Frog Mask - Built over a hard hat so it's easy to wear.
  Owl - Sold
 Bat in a tree - Sold
Raven - Sold

 Bulldog with Fire hydrant - Both are life sized - He's lifting his leg. ; )
 Kitty with wings. - Wall Hanging - Sold
 Funky Chicken - Aka: Rooster - Life sized - Available
 Scare-Dee-Cat - Sold  

Friendly Giraffe - 4 feet tall - Available

Commissions are welcomed!
Contact Karen @ sloanartgallery(at)gmail(dot)com